WidgetStation is a compact sized standalone device that features more than just an alarm clock. WidgetStation is a Widget Player that allows multi task features on its dual LCD screens. It is also known as the Innovations Design and Engineering Award honoree at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2007.
WidgetStation connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and PC. Network symbol appears on the mono display to show network status of the connection. Single network or multiple networks can be connected at once for WidgetStation user's convenience.
  1. Dual display
  2. WidgetStation presents dual display: one in color and the other in mono. Dual display allow delivery of multiple tasks including local time and weather forecast in mono, and a preferable Widget in color.

  3. Touch buttons
  4. Shifting through menus and switching from Widget to another is all done by a touch of a button. WidgetStation is easily controllable using the 6 touch buttons (Menu, OK and 4 arrow keys). The buttons also give fun vibration effect to alert the contact made on the selected buttons.

  5. Innovative design for everyday use
  6. WidgetStation??s innovative design is delivered through the careful selection of materials that suits your everyday occasions. The exterior finish by the PC/ABS and transparent acrylic on front enhances the modern look. The use of rubber on the bottom holder allows secure lock when placing the device on the surface.

The information you choose for your color display can be done by downloading various Widgets from our service site, WidgetOne. Wide varieties of Widgets are available in the Widget Gallery such as Radio, Movie Trailers, Stocks, Comics, Horoscopes and more. Widget Gallery is updated daily by us as well as from our WidgetStation users. For more information about Widgets offered on WidgetStation, please visit WidgetOne for details.
Item Specification Description
MPU ARM920T Core clock : 266MHz
- SDRAM 32MB (32bits BUS width)
Display 2.5 inch TFT LCD 320x240 16M colors
- 2.5 inch B/W LCD

128x96 mono

Network Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
- Ethernet 100Base-T (100M bps)
Interface USB v1.1 (Mini USB)
- Phone-jack Stereo Ear-phone
Sensor CDS Auto LCD light control
- MP3 Stereo sound
Keys Touch type Menu, OK, Up, Down, Left, Right
(supports vibration mode)
Power DC 5V  
OS Embedded Linux Kernel 2.6.X