Photoskins is a portable photo frame that is slim enough to fit in your wallet and smart enough to display the data you want. This innovative product has been recognized through receiving the Best of Innovations Award at 2008 CES and the Honorable Mention at the Red Dot Design Award 2008.
Photoskins connects to the Internet via PC using a USB cable. When connected to a network, network symbol appears on the display to show the network status of the connection. Network connection allows user to update the contents in the Widget selected (for example: when synchronizing the CNN Widget, the latest contents uploads. When disconnected from a network, the contents are saved available for view portably). Network connection also recharges the battery power.
  1. Color display
  2. Photoskins is slightly bigger than the size of a credit card with a thickness of 4.7mm. This sleek and delicate model presents high definition TFT LCD screen that brings vivid and fine quality to the images on its 2.5 inch color display.

  3. Touch buttons
  4. Shifting through menus and switching from Widget to another is all done by a touch of a button. Photoskins is easily controllable using the 4 touch buttons located below the color display.

  5. Portable and fashionable
  6. Photoskins comes with a genuine leather case that protects the device from carrying it portably. The device features a glossy finish in black ABS with the co-injection PC/ABS on the front and aluminum finish on the back. Its design allows the device to be suitable for any occasion when placed in your office, home, or portably carried to elsewhere.

  7. Synchronization
  8. When connected to a network, place the Photoskins on its cradle and use it as a Widget Player. Network automatically synchronizes the data from the Widget currently selected and delivers the real time information right on the display. Photoskins on cradle becomes your innovative gadget for all the information you need.

Photoskins is great for viewing your favorite photos through Flickr Widget, Webshots Widget, or the Picasa Widget. Growing numbers of users enjoy sharing photos through variety of photo sharing communities. You can now view your favorite photos through Photoskins! Easily upload your newly taken photos and share with friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Other Widgets for Photoskins are also available in many varieties including: Stocks, Comics, Horoscopes, News, and more. Widget Gallery is continuously growing so stayed tuned for more enjoyable Widgets. For more information, please visit our service site for details.

Item Specification Description
CPU ARM920T Core clock : 400MHz
Display 2.5 inch TFT LCD 320x240 16M colors
Interface USB v1.1 (Mini USB)
Keys Touch type Menu, Ok, Left, Right, Power
Power Battery Li-Polymer
OS Embedded Linux Kernel 2.6.X
- Dimension 90mmx70mmx4.7mm
- Weight 70g
- Clolor Black (Front) & Silver (Back)