Moxier Mail
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Moxier Mail with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is the solution to your corporate e-mail needs! With direct push synchronization using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007, emailing is easy on the go! Get the advanced features such as HTML, Secured mail(S/MIME), GAL, remote wipe & availability in 57 languages.

Moxier Mail for Android
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Moxier Mail for iPhone

Moxier Wallet
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Moxier Wallet is an excellent solution to help you manage your important personal information such as website logins, passwords, PIN numbers, product data, financial as well as health and prescription information. Moxier Wallet is customizable, user-friendly, and offers powerful 256-bit AES encryption technology to keep your data secure. It safely stores, organizes, and keeps your personal information readily available to make your life easier!

Featuring convenient synchronization technology, Moxier Wallet allows you to easily sync your data from your home PC to your work PC, from your iPhone to your Mac, from your Android to your PC, or any combination therein. Thus, you now have access to your personal information practically 24/7. You can also share data with trusted friends, coworkers, and loved ones.